You held your head with a touch of sadness, but a perfect mind is dull. Within your delicate frame was a wrestler whose arms you'd never raise, like the weight of your regret held down your ambitions, kept you hidden from yourself. A young girl's body disguised a battered old soul, your striking beauty glowing in moonlight when you recalled the sickness of everything, the sting of feeling anyone but me. And I wished to lift that pain, the dead weight of years on your shoulders, far too heavy for anyone to bear, bleeding at sixteen, forever so unfair. And how you deserve this, to dance in the sunlight of easy joy, to laugh too loud and smile like you're proud of it. And I'm not here to call you out, I just want to say, I'm not here to try to break the silence, I just want to say, I just need to say...


from split with football, etc., released June 27, 2012



all rights reserved


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